Exterior Kitchen Stucco

Exterior Kitchen Stucco

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Stucco has been among the most populous exterior finishes to the kitchen for several years. It is not a wall finish to the interiors like drywalls that some people may think. Whether you want to renovate the old home or whether you are looking at a new construction, there are so many benefits which come with both methods. As one of fashionable and durable ways of dressing the home up and changing its curb appeal, stucco is a great finish for many homeowners, especially in Florida.

Stucco siding material is made from water, lime, sand, and Portland cement. Applied in three coats on the lath base, it offers a seamless, durable, and solid home exterior. Some pros of exterior kitchen stucco include natural resistance to low maintenance, lasting durability, and natural resistance to fire.

Installing stucco on a mesh is the most common and traditional method of installing material of siding. It involves the application of aforementioned mixture of concrete over wood lath or wire. Traditional siding of stucco has a wide, acrylic-polymer finish, which contracts and expands with weather. This helps keep cracks minimal and means your siding can last for fifty years before requiring replacement.


The New-fangled Stucco Siding

The market has a new wave of stucco, also called the EIFS. The acrylic-polymer coat of the Styrofoam based stucco is applied or sprayed onto the base of the foam board insulation and fiberglass mesh. Virtually, EIFS never cracks and gives you additional insulation also. It is more expensive than the traditional finish of stucco. It is vulnerable to high impacts like woodpecker or hail damage than other traditional stucco.


Stucco is for Exterior Finishing

Even though stucco has incredible appearances, it is utilized for home exteriors. Contractors will advise you to use it exclusively outside of the home and then advice you on the use of other finishes like drywall with the orange peel texture or knockdown texture for home interiors.

What is 13+12?


Benefits of Stucco

As a very populous exterior finish for businesses and homes, there are several benefits that come with stucco.



The flexibility of stucco is crucial to its strength. Since stucco is porous, meaning the makeup features so many minute holes, it has slight bits that make it have the ability to absorb impact, if not take damage.



Stucco holds very well regardless of their environment. It can resist rain, snow, heat, rain, and everything in between. It is good for climates with cycles of freeze thaw.



The elegant materials of stucco beat almost every other option of siding when it comes to curb appeal. The finish of stucco gives your house a captivating, classic look.


Durable and Long-Lasting

When selecting exterior finishes for your homestead, you need to choose materials that can withstand hot and cold temperatures and weathering. Stucco can outlast vinyl and wood and proves to be more durable compared to brick. A lot of homeowners in diverse climates have been using stucco for long since it resists detriments that come with rain, snow, and harsh wind.


Maintenance Free

The other benefit from stucco is that it is free of maintenance. When compared to other materials like siding, exterior kitchen stucco from https://www.eifsfloridastucco.com does not necessitate reinstallation or repainting. This will assist you save a lot of time when it comes to home improvement. And, you will not have to be worried about the upkeep of the finish.


Fire Resistant

Alongside stucco’s durability, it is extremely resistant to fire. With that said, there are various insurance firms that will give you the opportunity of saving money on your premiums of insurance when you install stucco. Homeowners will have the ability to save several hundreds of dollars with the installation of stucco.

What is 13+12?


Increased Market Value

With growth in popularity of the classic style and finish that stucco brings to the exterior of the kitchen, you expect to have increased value in the market when you put your home for sale. The profits will be higher than what you paid for the installation of stucco.

You can apply stucco as a do it yourself project, but it is good to know that it is the most time-consuming, backbreaking, and laborious projects you can undertake as a homeowner. For this reason, many homeowners choose the option of employing Florida stucco installers with experience to do the work. Experienced contractors with a good crew have the ability to accomplish the work in several weeks but it can take you a few months to do it by yourself. Talk to contractors with experience when you think that stucco is what you have been looking for all this while.

When gas and charcoal are going to cook food often, you need to make sure that your exterior walls are going to hold up to the heat. Whenever you need an outdoor cooking area, you need us to give you the better outdoor kitchen. Whether you operate a restaurant or just have an outdoor grill, professional stucco installation is the best way to prevent heat warp and fire hazards. Don’t let your exterior kitchen catch you off guard by having the best construction possible. For the experienced option in outdoor cooking stucco, call us for your kitchen spaces. We ensure that you can prepare food with confidence every day.


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5) EIFS Inspection

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8) Exterior Kitchen Stucco

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What is 13+12?